Saturday, December 22


Yesterday went really well and although Dad would have been embarressed about the fuss he would have been so pleased to see so many people there for him. He was a fantastic man so its no wonder. He had virtually everyone from both sides of the family, old work mates from his Days at London Transport and his mates from Jewsons, as well as other friends and neighbours.

The service was lovely. Mainly consisting of some great words that my Mum wrote. She told everyone about Dads life and added plenty of times for laughs, she did a fantastic job. She didnt read it out, would have been too hard but the lady taking the service did a good job. She also read a couple of poems, one little rhyme was written by me and went as follows

My Dad used to write short poems and so,
I thought I ought to have a go,
So I’ll tell you all about the man you called John
But to tell you it all would take too long
So with a smile on your face, Brush away those tears
We have wonderful memories of wonderful years
To see all his friends here makes my heart glad
You too loved the man that I called Dad

Dad was brought into the chapel to "Time to say goodbye" and then we left to a favourite rugby song of his "Swing low sweet Chariots". Lots of emotion as well as laughter as the piece my mum had written gave us a few laughs. Oddly enough I didnt cry, all cried out maybe? or not wanting to loose it and be strong for Mum. I stayed with Mum Friday night and she stayed with my brother Saturday night so we are looking after her.
Today, Sunday, myself, Harvey and Darren are all fluey, hot, cold, shivering!! I am feeling a tad sorry for myelf and had a bit of a cry in the car earlier as I felt so rotten and just wondered what else was going to go wrong this year. I am ok now.
Harvey is beyond excited, if he was just feeling ill I would think it was excitement, it took my mum a few years to work out I made my self so ill with excitment, I thought Harvey was the same, but as we all feel like it I think we all have a bug.
Speak later


Lorie said...

Oh, Caz! What a wonderful poem for your dad and your words are so sweet. Please take the time to cry (the shower is a great place if you don't want others to know) and mourn in the way you need too. Lots of love and hugs coming to you from me! ~Lorie

Julia said...

What a lovely rhyme about your dad Caz. I'm sure the service was hard for you, but it sounds like there was some laughter too. Hope you and your family are feeling better soon, lots of ((hugs)) to you all, Julia xxx.

Jo said...

I'm glad everything went fine with you Caz.. I am sure not crying was your way of holding it all together for everyone., but I'm sure there'll be more tears over the coming weeks. It will take a time to feel better, but you will. I promise.

Give my love to the little 'uns.. we're always full of cold this time of year, christmas isn't christmas without someone ill. lol..

sending heartfelt hugs to all of you, take care, and all the best for 2008!

love n hugs.
jo xx

** Isa ** said...

This is such a beautiful poem Caz... Grieving in your own way is probably the best way to deal with it but then I wouldn't really know as I can't imagine what you're going through... Hope you all feel better soon...

Merry Christmas to you and your family


Isa x

Tammy said...

Sending you cyber hugs and hoping you feel better each day, physically and emotionally! Welcome to the blogging Sisterhood!

Rachel said...

It sounds like you're Dad had a good send off and that despite the situation that you were pleased to see so many and no doubt had a good family catch up afterwards and your Dad would no doubt have enjoyed that too.

Hope you are all feeling better soon



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