Wednesday, January 23

Been busy

I have been AWOL recently as I have been busy. Most morning are spent round Mums either taking things down the dump or charity shops or running about picking up things. Then its lunch, then its picking H up. Tea and then bed.. LOL How our days go hey?

I also have been working on a magazine comission so I have been making stuff, just cant share it right now.

I have my first Stampin Up! party next week in Worthing and I need to get everything planned for that. The Stampers Ten groups have taken up LOADS of time trying to sort out orders and payments ect.

I have decided on my shed and hope to order it soon. I am going for 10 x 8 chalet with georgian windows and door, lined ect... Its a little more than I though I would spend but I thought it would be best to get the best I can currently afford as its not something we will be replacing. It will be lovely to have the light from the door and its a better fitting door with handle and key ect so it will be lovely. Very excited still. Oh and I have picked my carpet, HOT HOT HOT pink!! WOWIE!! Cant wait to show you :)

Caiden is napping and I need to be stamping right now so I had better get off my butt and go.



Dollydimps said...

Can totally relate to the running around thing! It gets better when they go to school-honest!
Looking forward to seeing your chalet take shape-I'm having a new kitchen done just now-complete with hot pink splashback!!!

Michelle said...

I can't wait to see this fab shed! And I bet you can't wait to do some crafting in it!

Girl With the Gadgets said...

Good luck with your first SU party. I am having my first Stamp Camp at my house on Saturday. I can't wait.. I have several projects worked out just have to get busy and get ready..

Carole Creates said...

good luck for your party and I can't wait to see that pink indeed!

kerri said...

Good luck with the workshop and great to hear you have decided on the shed can't wait to see the pictures after you are in.


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