Wednesday, January 23

What sad news..

I love films and I love eye candy and one of my favourite males from the film world, Heath Ledger has passed away :( I love A Knights Tale and ten things I hate about you, both films I have on DVD and like watching and I can watch them with the kids about as there isnt really anything bad in them. Never could decide if I prefered him blonde in Knights Tale or Dark in the other film. I also have Ned Kelly on DVD too, I brought that without seeing it, just knowing Heath was in there was enough for me!! LOL

I feel sad for his family and his little daughter, she hardly had a chance to get to know her Daddy.

RIP Heath and say "Hi" to my Dad.

1 comment:

Girl With the Gadgets said...

I am with you on this one.. I am so sad about this. I loved his acting ability and his versitility. I will miss seeing what could have been from him...


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