Friday, February 22

A card and a great bargain

Firstly I have been dying to use the new Stampendous monkeys since I got them and I got a chance last night so here is the card I made.

I used some lovely paper from Basic Grey. I know a lot of people out there love this line. I like a few of them, not a huge fan, too distressed and grungy for me (LOL) but I really like this one, infact I would say I LOVE this one.

The arrow is from a new set from Stampendous and I decided to go a bit "junky" and added a metal embellishment, primas, buttons and ribbons too. He is a cutie isnt he? Lots of people asked me earlier in the week where they could get them from. I am sure if you called the Glitter Pot and spoke to Bryan nicely he will be able to help you. Just say you saw them on my blog. I did email him earlier in the week to confirm or not but our emails seem not to like each other at the moment as he is just not getting my messages.

Changing subject, we have a discount second hand furniture place down the road. Its a place where you can donate items for sale and occasionally they donate and help out people that have been homed and have no money or the sell the bits that have been dontated too. I got my desk from them a while back and I donated a kitchen table and pc station too. So I often walked passed with a stretchy neck, walking so far past but still looking! I saw this unit. Its like a display unit, pine I would guess and its got shallow shelves. Hmmm, great for my Palace eh? SO I walked passed and looked the price. I couldnt remember how much it was but I thought I remembered £25, so went there today thinking I will knock them down to £20 and I saw it was £15!! BARGAIN! So I paid without haggling, thought it was a good price for a solid piece. For now its sitting on my desk in our family room, it will eventually end up in my shed on something, maybe even on this desk, not sure... its currently holding all my washing capsule boxes which in turn are holding my brads, buttons, mini ribbon spools and other pritties.


Anonymous said...

Have to say that was a great bargain, I've got something similar with three small drawers along the bottom and it cost me £100 ten years ago, good on you girl. Like the card you've done today, and I like the look of the new stamps craftsulove have, might see you there next wednesday. Hope all goes well with your mum, know what its like you tidy, the kids make a bomb site, never ending you just get the place looking nice, hubby comes in, its ruined and he wonders what you've been doing all day!!

** Isa ** said...

This card really cheered me up! And what a great bagain you got there, those shelves look fab!!!

Have a great week end

Hugs xxx

yamsi sue said...

Lovely card Caz, just love them little fellas. :-)

Great bargain too on the pine unit,it's gorgeous.

Stampin' Up! Gal said...

love the storage shelfing idea.... great buy!!!

Clair & Sharni said...

Great shelves & what a bargain!! xxx

Claudia said...

fun card!


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