Sunday, February 24

Eternal Maker

Had a great class at Eternal Maker yesterday in Chichester. Its was along day with my being out the house nearly 11 hours, but it was fun. They have the most wonderful buttons, my favourite of which I have shown you before, the cute little daisy buttons, I used some yesterday and got some more too :) Really annoyed with myself as I forgot to take photos of the projects I made so I havent got anything to show you. :( I could show you my lovely buttons again! LOL

Last night was a bad night, what with boys, the cats and the two "lodger" cats were up to mischief, scratching, running, ect ect then Caiden was rolling around on the bed like he does and then Harvey came in at 5;30 with a Birthday present for Caiden (who is not 2 until June 15th) so there were 4 of us in the bed, with me being squished into the most akward and painful position.! I gave up at 7 and got up as I enjoy some time on my own before anyone gets up, so I had half an hour, I just went up to get them. As I think I mentioned yesterday I am going to pick Mum up from Bexhill. Another day of longish drives, am taking Harvey with my and hopefully Darren can get into the garden and finish the base. The shed people called yesterday and they asked Darren what colour stain we wanted. Hmmm well poor Darren was in a tizz, he was like "well I am only the husband, its for my wife, whatever I choose with be wrong" LOL He did make a choice and I am 99% certain he made the right one. Trying not to think about it too much really as it too late if it wasnt the right choice! But that means its been made and now being treated so it wont be long!! WHOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!


julie.ja.gibb said...

I totally agree about the buttons at the Eternal Maker, it's just like looking at jars of sweeties.

Alex said...

Lol so glad I could feed your shopping urge!!!! lol, I can't even remember which ones I orderednow he he I ummed and arrhed about the House, but decided against it at the moment, but I will prob fold next time, lol xx

Rachel said...

You know I am so glad I am not the only one with a toddler that thinks their bed is the middle of OUR bed - so come 3am most nights Cait is looking to come in with us!!! Blimey - do we have another 3 years of it!! She is only 2.5 bless her!

Anyway except for Cats your house sounds as chaotic as mine - and my Mum is the cleaning fairy as well and is down next week as I have a conference to go to so hopefully things will be cleaner around here - lol



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