Wednesday, February 6

Few things

To share today. Here is a photo of my first Simon & Lola card from Sugar Nellie designs. I like the card, just the photo is a bit washed away. Its like there is a net curtain infront of the camera! I have tried to edit in the photo software but its just not happening, so you will have to see it "as is". Also its pastel, I am not a pastal kinda gal, so I think its just not popping out like I usually like. The stamps are adorable. At present only available from Funky Kits but sources tell me these will be out there available to all from other places too. Just like the rest of the Sugar Nellie ranges. Watch this space.... as soon as I know more I will let you know :)

I love all the designs but wanted to try this cute boy first, most of the others are depicting either Lola or both Simon and Lola but I wanted to give this little guy a chance :) He reminds me of both my boys, although not sure which one, Harveys legs are like twigs and Caidens not called "chunky munkey" for nothing! LOL The wording is from and is a Hero Arts set of four, they are fab, when I saw them I brought them right away, Bryan said "we thought they were up your street".. What a wicked man buying all this stuff to tempt me! The beautimus scallop is from the SU scallop punch, available from your local SU demo, or me if you havent got a local one yet. Ohh I had better not post this to the UKS forum or I will have my blog removed from my signature line! We are not allowed to post to UKS anything about SU until someone signs up to be a sponsor, I wonder how much that would be? Hmmm something to ponder...

Anyway, last night, chatting to Bryan about a demo they wanted me to squeeze in, boys were still awake, following me about and me getting cross as I was on the phone. They both come back into the front room. I assume Caiden is with Darren, he since tells me Caiden had a strop on, and BOY does he have them... anyway, he walks away, Darren thinks he is with me. 20 minutes later I emerge from the kitchen and find Caiden like this!

He is asleep on the front room floor, behind the chair with his head actually on the chair and not quiet on the floor! OMG how funny, I couldnt get over it. Please ingnore the dust bunnies that Caiden has unearthed.. How did they get there?

Caiden is now asleep again for his midday nap. He didnt sleep well last night, he seems to know when Mummy has a late night coming up and sleeps less than normal so I will be very tired tonight during my second Stampin' Up! party booking. How exciting!

Did you have your pancakes yesterday? I did, I made the mixture with Delias receipe and it turned out nice. YUMMY. Dont know why, I always let Darren make them. I had a go at one myself, ended up more like scrambled pancake, but it was still yummy, just had a few holes. and I did toss it!

Beautiful sunny day here right now. I am hoping it will be nice this weekend so I can do some digging in the garden, cough cough, I mean so Darren can dig my base out for the shed :) At the moment phoning around for best prices on ballast and cement.

Speak later


** Isa ** said...

Very cute card Caz and I can't wait to find some time and play with the images you gave me... Caiden is jsut so adorable sleeping there... They always look like little angels when they're asleep! lol... I also made pancakes for my boys yesterday and being from Britanny - the region of pancakes- I can make them with my eyes close! ;op!!!

Hugs xxx

Julia said...

The card is lovely Caz, nice soft colours. Piccie of Caiden made me laugh, the things they get up to!

elisa said...

What a beautiful card.I have just used my duck one for the first time.Your little boy looks so cute sleeping there.Elisa.x

ink'n'rubba said...

love your card Caz, these new ones are adorable! and don't mention the D word! hope the SU party went well.

Lisa said...

Great card Caz and Caiden looks like an angel, but yes I know the truth LOL this happens to me too my 4 year old strops for England and more than once took himself off to the stairs and has fallen asleep at the top step on the dogs quilt. Yes I use the naughty step technique.


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