Saturday, February 16

Mixed bag of emotions today

I am working today, at the Glitter Pot, a full class and we are making a box, bow, card and candle. It will be fun getting that all done, playing with the stamps, colouring ect... On the other hand today is an end of an era, and one that thanks to my lovely mischief monster Caiden nearly didnt happen. Firstly I will tell you what happened! Sitting round my mums last night, we were going to get fish and chips from the takeaway as mum is moving tomorrow, moving out. Anyway, I sat there and said I smelt burning, like when a tealight is burning out. All of a sudden the smoke alarm went off. Run to the kitchen, the kitchen was full of smoke, thick white stinking smoke. A whole catalogue of errors really, things we should of not done, like put a plastic bag full of utensils on top of the hob, put a small step up to the cooker and also we should have kept an eye on him! Thank goodness is was just smoke, no fire. Things could have been so much worse, but its not worth thinking about! The house was stinking, but I am sure it will be fine today. Back to today, Mum is moving out, its the family home that I moved into 32 years ago and lived there for many (cant remember when I moved out) Also of course my mum is moving out without the person she moved in with, My Dad. I am sort of pleased I wont be there. I am turning the keys in Monday, before hand I can go round and check things and have a cry. Mum is going to my Uncles and I will see her in two weeks. ARGH!! Mum is away just as Harvey has a week off, that was bad planning wasnt it?

I got a sweet award today, infact I got one last week from Kylie and now again from Anne, its the E for excellent award :)
I just looked at the time, I got one hour to get myself the and boys ready. I will be back later with some pictures of what we made today. And tell you all about the goodies at the Glitter Pot as I know they have lots of new stuff!
Chat later

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Sarah said...

I know what it was like when my gran died and we cleared the house ready for the sale, it was so strange to think that I would never be going in there again. I still can't walk past it after 3.5 years.

Anyway, did you have to say that there was new things at the Glitter Pot?!?! I've just had a look and am sitting tightly on my flexible friend to stop me from spending!! I wish they were going to be at the NEC in March!!!


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