Wednesday, February 13

My third party has been and gone

And it was fun! Nerve wracking but fun. For those that know names in the Crafting world I was holding a party for the ultra talented stamper Kim Reygate and her guests included Julie Hickey, Paula Pascual and Corinne Amos to name just a few. All mega talented, three are craft authors and one is actually one of my downline! So nerves were aplenty, but too were the laughs. Biggest laugh was me talking about the snail adhesive! They thought I had gone nuts, but no, that IS what is it is called. Julie promised a photo of her with snail in hand from the garden. I even managed to get a few Ohhhs from them all, with my little punch trick using the scalloped circle to create some different looks.

OK, I have a lot of stuff, I always thought I had an impressive amount of stash. Julie has a fab crafting cabin, wow loads of stuff there too. OMG OMG OMG OMG Kim has a whole room, floor to ceiling with stuff, stamps, papers, inks I have never seen a room so crammed of stuff! I was in shock! I told Darren he had to go and see how much she had and he could never moan again, but give him some credit, he is very good, he doesnt moan really, maybe pulls a face when I explain why I had to have something new.

I got two more bookings yesterday and I am up for more so if you are in the Surrey/Sussex area to a certain distance I would love to hear from you!! You dont need huge numbers, 6+ I would say would be fab.

Totally changing the subject, I went to mums today to pick up the cats. We have two of our own and now are sitting for my Mums two. Going to be fun, I hope they behave at night. Monty is very very shy, I dont think we will see him. Marley will be OK, he's not come down yet but I am sure by the end of the day he will.


Kylie S said...

OMG, how is Kim Reygate??? I haven't seen her for ages now that she doesn't teach at Creative Living. I don't know where she teaches anymore. Please tell her I said 'hi'. I always enjoyed her class.
Glad your class went well.

Annie said...

Love the snail story! How cute! I tagged your blog on my blog as 'Rated E for excellent. I love your blog and the song that always comes on! I hum it all morning.


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