Saturday, February 9


Everyone is in bed and I thought I would get up and get ready for work. I am at Creative Living today teaching a colouring class so that will be fun, playing with some Bellas which I havent done for a few months now. Its hard not taking my SU stuff, just got into it and want to play with all the fabby things I have been building up.

Plans are that Darren and the kids (LOL) are going to be starting on the shed base. There is a thick frost out there so I hope its not gone too far down. Darren got up at 1am was a sick, I hope he hasnt got something, or maybe it was the beer and chinese?

Peace seems to be broken, I can hear little footsteps from upstairs, I think its Harvey, Caiden cant get out of our room as there is a stair gate in there.... Yep! it was Harvey, we've just had a cuddle and now my arm has been released so I can type again!

No cards to share today, Before my Dad died I have got into a little habit of making a card when Caiden was napping, now I tend to go round mums straight after dropping H at school and now dont have the time as I have to catch up on housework ect. I of course dont mind, I love visiting Mum but I know she worries I am round too much. Its not coz I have to be there, its coz I want to be.

How bizarre, I went to Jewsons yesterday to order 2 tonnes of ballast and sat outside in tears. I hadnt been there since before Dad died and it was one of those weird moments that seem to come from no where and wipe you out. I tried to stop but I couldnt so just had to go in there, I knew that as soon as someone spoke to me I would be in tears again so it was pointless. Thankfully I was going in to see a girl there that I used to go to school with and she knows how it is as she lost her Mum a few years ago. She was very close to Dad, he was a likeable man and he had a huge turnout from Jewsons at his funeral, I expect I made them all feel a little sad yesterday, funny how I held it together at the funeral and go to pieces visiting his work?!

Oh well, I didnt really want to leave my post at a sad note, but I cant think of anything else to say... told you it was ramblings. Hope to have a few cards to show you later.

Have a great day all.


CraftyTracy said...


I know what you mean, but you just have to let it out. There will be a time when you have wht I call Happy tears too when you remember something great between the two of you.

take care.


Debbie said...

Big hugs to you Caz xxx

Anice said...

I can't say anything to make things better of course Caz but I'm sending you hugs and my thoughts. Hope you have a great class. xxx

Kim said...

Awwwww Caz sending ya a big hug mate!!!!

Let it all out it has to go somewhere and I am sure they all understood.....


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