Sunday, March 16

Changed my mind

Well a girl is allowed to. I am not going to put that large unit in my palace now. I got those three shelves from the charity shop and I am going to put those up and piece of worktop, so I can have a friend to craft with me. I will still have three shelves, space under the worktop and space on top too. This also means Harvey can come and craft there too, not that I want him too, but he is going to so I might as well get him off my desk! I need to go and get the legs that the worktop stands on and then we are all set. I told Darren I wanted the shelves up, hoping he would run down the garden, screwdriver in hand but alas, not yet... I cant moan, he has been fab! LOL Just cooking the Sunday roast and then I will go down and see if I can get any pictures, might be too dark now, I'll see.

1 comment:

Carole Creates said...

come on Caz, the suspense is killing me...never mind the dinner lets have some photos :-)


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