Sunday, March 16

Shed update..... long waffle!

WOW the boy did good. All lit, electricfied, carpeted and most of the "stuff" in. I have to reunite my stamp drawers with all the other stuff and a BIG shelf unit and then its done. It all fits and its like it was made for it. OK there will be some stuff still living in the house, a few stacking boxes of stuff I need but not daily or stuff I "might" need one day. We will need BIL to help with the big unit that wont be until this afternoon as he has just come home from night shift and gone to bed. I will show photos later, its looking good! there are a few things that arent happening. One is something I really wanted but it just cant happen, no room. I wanted a dedicated table space were someone else can stamp :( so I am sad about that... BUT Once Darren takes the wire out the frame of the collapsable table then I can use that. YES he threaded the wire through the leg and into the wall, he didnt mean it but means we cant pick up the frame that makes the table legs!! LOL its hard to explain but if you imagine a square frame, he put the wire through so its looped with the wire... I was down there at 6;45am putting more boxes in that I had brought down from upstairs last night and wanted to get rid of before Caiden got up, far too many things to fiddle with otherwise! Talking of Caiden, you should have seen him yesterday, he gets so upset if he thinks he is missing out on anything, so we bundled him up and Harvey and Caiden could run about the garden, but its been so wet, the grass is sodden. I changed him twice, caked with mud and happy as larry but a dirty little rascal! He is funny on my stepping stones, he cant reached so he hops off in between them! LOL NOT quiet the point?!

Darren had a text on his phone at 3:15am... I guessed what it was. His friend Dave and girlfriend were waiting their baby and I guess he came this morning! Only a few hours after Darrens birthday. I am thrilled, you know what this means? I'll be making a baby card later. Typical man though just text a photo of "my son" no weight, time or details!! Dave will make a great Dad, he is a nice bloke. Dont really know his partner much, we know Dave through working with Darren for years now and I think I have met her only twice now. I am sure they will do fine, we sent them a stack of baby books, at least if they are good for nothing else they can prop their eyes open with them! LOL

Brrrr just ran down the garden with my jimmy jams on... its cold and wet, I was just seeing how my shed was... its quiet chilly, the heating is on thermostat, I am not sure how I should keep it, the temp that is... my papers have added insulation, in that they are in a cupboard so thats good.

Nearly 8am, cant believe they boys arent up yet... see I was in a dilema earlier, get up and take my stuff out to the shed or stay in bed, chances to stay in bed are few and far between but I didnt want the stress of the boys playing with all my crafty stuff so I got up. I do love this time before the house wakes to chaos.

Spoke to soon, been up to get Caiden, he just woke. Chat later with photos this time.


maria's cards said...

Hi Caz, Glad to hear your having great fun sorting out your palace. Can't wait to see the pics. Maria x

Diane.W. said...

Hi Caz!
Bet u like my new stamps,go lookie at em on my blog!!!!
So u r up & running (almost!!!)
Waiting anxiously for pics! :o)x

Kim said...

Can't wait to see photos Caz, am SO jealous!!!

juliejules said...

OOc Caz can't wait to see piccies of your palace!!

Julie's Crafty Corner said...

Enjoy your shed Caz, I know you will love it, I enjoy my own space.


katie squirrel said...

Fantastic! Looking forward to seeing your photos - you seem to be getting organised very quickly - and Darren has done a fabulous job for you!

Monica said...

I am amazed that you ve managed to get your stuff in there already, and I m sad there s not room for me to come and play lol but is ok I might come in Summer so I can have a table outside your palace to craft on . Can t wait to see now.. oh the suspense M xx


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