Thursday, March 13


Hi there
Well almost one inside coat of paint has been done, couldnt see it was so dark so it will be fun to see what it looks like in the light. I cant rate the shed people enough. was where I got it from, they come from Wickford in Essex. I was just outside the delivery zone but they still came for an extra cost. The reason I went with them was their great website with lots of examples and the biggest factor was that they lined the chalet too. Tonight I have been trying to plan the inside, its a big shed, before it came I was worried it was too small, the base didnt seem that big but its a good size (now I am worrying the neighbours will moan) although there is no reason for them to its not causing offence to anyone where it is, but you all know Miss Worry Knickers by now dont ya?! I told the man that hundreds of women all over the world are waiting for this moment... hee hee I think he thought I was nuts! I said it might be coming in a magazine too as CMPC has expressed an interested in seeing the transformation.

Harvey has a temp again, he is stuffed up with cold and generally a bit lethargic, hes in my bed tonight, so I had better go off to bed soon seeing that my bed partners are a coughing 5 year old and a wiggly (and also coming down with something) 19 month old. Darren has be banished into the bunk beds in Harveys room, least he will get a sleep.

I have been drawing dozens of sketches in how I am going to fit all my stuff inside and get it in some sort of order, I think I have it finally down how I want it. There is a lot to cram inside. First I need to finish the painting and then it needs the electrics and carpet to be done.

Speak later
I am off to bed

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