Friday, March 14

Friday's update

Hi there
Well my palace has had a lick of paint in the inside, I have done the whole lot, one coat and it will need another, but not bad for 2 nap times to get it done. I have moved a few of my fav plants down there, so I have 2 nice pots and my metal cat outside. I have hung my mini mirrors off the roof, all important stuff you know! Last night I was measuring all sorts of units and I cant believe how much I can fit in the back wall, its going to be really good. My neighbour commented on how she thought it was lovely PHEW I was worrying what they would think , but thats all good :) I also took a trip to electrical wholesalers to get the amoured wire, normal wire, switches ect ect and then a trip to the local garden centre to buy 10 stepping stones so we can all hop down there and not turn the garden into a marsh!

Sugar Nellie lovers need to run to as they have released MORE stamps! and there is a look at one of Rachelles new designs. Cant wait!

Speak later, going to be a busy weekend. I need to make Darren a birthday card tonight so AT LAST I might have something crafty to show you.

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Monica said...

Oh Caz the suspense is killing me lol, I cannot wait to see how is all going to look, is so funny I m excited for you.... now only a crafter would actually understand that. M xx


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