Wednesday, March 5

Hmmm ponderings come to life

I would LOVE to own the full marker set from Stampin Up!, BUT not only that I want to own the wonderful marker case too! Not quiet having enought to buy the whole lot in one go I thought I would run this by you LOL So who wants to join me in a new collectors club? I need 3 more people... you will need to spend £28.95 which includes a little bit for postage too for the next 4 months. At the end of it we will have all collected the whole set of markers and a case too.

Email me for more info

I am also thinking of in the future running paper and cardstock clubs too so keep your eyes open on the blog.

Just before I close this message you might be wondering what you can do with the markers?

Colour bold stamps for beautiful stamping
Scribble onto acetate and use waterbrush to give a watercoloured effect
Die ribbon to be the same colour as the papers!
Die flowers from the Pritties kit to match too
Write with them

All this and you know they will match with the cardstock, papers, brads, ribbons, Ink pads and more!

I have got a new delivery of catalogues. Contact me for more information how you can purchase one!

1 comment:

Kylie S said...

Caz, I have the whole set with the case and I LOVE them. I was using my inkpad to colour ribbon - didn't think of using the markers !!
Can I have a catalogue please. Will PM you.


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