Wednesday, March 5

New Widget and Shed news

I had added a new widget, its showing how much money people have donated to our chosen charity for Dad. Although Dad didn't die of Alzheimers, his Mum did and its a very distressing disease for all that watch their loved ones disappear into themselves. Dad would have been proud. We took donations from the funeral instead of flowers.

On a totally different thing, I called today re my shed, apparently it has been made but they are trying to schedule delivery and installation. Wont be long now!! I said to Darren wont that be nice, it will be here ready for him to work on it all day 15th March! His birthday! :)

I am working hard these evenings with prep work for my two classes this weekend at the Glitter Pot. I have two full to bursting classes there. We will be playing with Sugar Nellies and Whippersnappers!! What fun! I will take photos and share once classes have run.

Speak later



Lil' ol' me said...

Hi Caz, Love your Blog(just sent you an email.
What a fab idea to raise money and show the amount grow. I would love to join the pen buying thingy...but Ive spent too much on craft this week already!

Pam said...

Looking forward to seeing the cards for the classes this Saturday. I booked to do these classes when the list came out but today I had to cancel as I'm ill. I've been hoping that I would be well enough to come but unfortunately there is no way I shall be :o(( Really, realy disappointed so longing to see what I've missed, especially as it would have been my first class with you. Love the blog!

Annie said...

Love the new look of your blog! It's just gorgeous.


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