Friday, March 21

My bottom is still mis-shaped!

Wedged inbetween the kids car seats! LOL I got my table, trays, two rails for punches ect, a paper waste bin, clock and a few other bits. Not too bad only spent £34 ($70) so not bad for a trip to Ikea eh?

Harvey LOVED his time in the play part so that was good, meant me and mum wandered and Darren chased Caiden. (well he did say we didnt need a trolley with kid seat)

Saw my Grandad so that was nice. Havent seen him since my Dads funeral. Caiden was really tired by then so we didnt stay long, but it was lovely to see him, although he is my Dads family (sort of, my Nans second husband) he said to my Mum she was very much a part of the family and he still wanted her (and us) to go and see him. He gave the kids an easter egg, said to mum "Poor Grandads got to go and buy two more now!" as we were unexpected guests. He need not of course but the kids appreciated it and Caiden soon turned into the famous CHOCOLATE MONSTER.

Darren has popped down to the local DIY shop to get some "bits" and also a new electric screwdriver, guess he will test it on my desk and stuff which I want him to do today. I am working tomorrow. Its going to be really tough, I mean 10-4 I am being FORCED to stamp Magnolia stamps and Sugar Nellies and I think they might even pay me a well.. Poor me eh? LOL

I will hopefully take some photos of my new shed bits later. I need to go down there later to grab my bits for tomorrows demo so speak later!

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