Friday, March 21

Old Olive or Pumpkin Pie?

For me its both with a sprinkle of Rose Red too. These have to be my favourite Stampin' up! colours and how lucky am I that three of my favourite colours are the chosen colours (among others) for the Designer prints paper. I placed a little order just for me the other day, 2 packs of paper and the cutter kit. WOW WOW WOW on all counts. Of course I knew I loved the paper as I have the red already. And I had tried the cutter kit, but now I have my own and its brilliant! Even my mum who is not a card maker thought it would just be "handy" to have. Not sure why on that part but I think its really clever and all in one on a chain, I am ALWAYS loosing my bone folder, it slips down into the tiniest of gaps and its lost, well not forever, but whenever I need it is seems to be hiding! even with a bunch of ribbons on mine it hides... I hope this might be easier to find. Anyway it works! It cuts, scores and perforates and then has the 7 edged distresser. A new best friend I feel :)

Today we are going to Ikea. The table and trays should be in stock. I might be seeing if Harvey wants to play downstairs whilst we walk about. Hmmm we'll see. Might also pop in to see my Grandad as he lives very close. We will be taking Mum too so it will be a tight squeeze in the car!

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Me 2! I love Old Olive and Rose! I just wanted to pop in and let you know I love following your blog! I am new to SU and card making and find your blog inspiring!


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