Thursday, March 27

OK I said I wouldnt..... but I am bending..

Copics... tell me where I can get the best deal? where can I see all the colours they do?



Debbie said...

Hi Caz
There are some brilliant deals on ebay for Copics .. I know what you mean I've been asking around about them and said I wouldn't but they really are lovely .. which probably doesnt help me saying that lol

Anita Knits said...

Hi Caz
I've bought some from ebay, but I have also order from, they seem to be the cheapest around for the sketch markers, they do them in packs of 12 as well as singularly. There is also a great blog site called, she does great tutorials.

Diane said...

Hi Caz
Check out some of your US friends blogs - Ellen Hutson sells copics, so does 'my favourite things' website and also Hanna stamps sells them in sets
Hope this helps
Di -x-

steph said...

I got mine from Cult pens which was reccommended to me. They are £1.95 or £1.99? each.

Samm said...

Hi Caz,
I'm loving mine! I got mine from ebay in the US. I'll mail you with the seller. The great thing is you don't always need loads of shades as you can layer up the colour.

Here's the link for colour charts:


Andrea said...

Caz, I buy mine from They have free P&P on orders over £10 and are the cheapest I have found anywhere,£3.60 each for the sketch markers and £1.95 for the ciao markers. By buying individually you can get the colours you want and not the ones that the sets offer.I love mine but you do need a lot in order to colour successfully. Good luck. Andrea x

Andrea said...

Sorry, forgot to comment on the colour charts. Have a look on, they have a colour chart, but be warned, you will want them all!!! Andrea x

Alex said...

Hiya Caz

Well I got mine from or for 1.99 free P & P if you spend over £10 and i got about 15 of them, but what I would say is that you need to make sure you get various shades of the same colour otherwise they are just another colouring medium.

I wasn't impressed at all, and I spent £30 and didn't get a whole lot of shades etc, and could see me having to spend a whole lot of money on them so I sold mine on my blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you can afford to get two complete sets etc which I don't think Cult Pens sell, then its prob worth it

Good luck


Alex xx

Kim said...

Cult Pens - the Ciao ones are £1.95 each and brilliant! I have just added another 25 to my collection, they are gorgeous Caz! Get the blender pen too and you can do shading. They are much stronger than Prismas but really gorgeous although Staz on tends to smear with them so I use Brilliance ink which doesn't move and I invested in a marker pad although some cardstock is fine with them, sadly not SU though!!

Nicola said...

Hi Caz,
I got my set from Graphics Direct ( I got the 72 set) but I've since found them cheaper at Art Discount (
They are good,, take a bit of getting used too but love the shading you can get! I've used them on some of the cards on my blog.
Best Wishes

Sam said...

OK what are Copics and what can I do with them??


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