Tuesday, April 15

Another Sad day in crafting

Creative Living (formerly Pastimes) is a Mother Daughter business in Limpsfield which I had the pleasure in working in for some time as a tutor and demonstrator as well as a shopper there too. Well today I got a letter, that I am sure many of their customers did to say that they are closing their shop at the end of this month.

Although I hadnt done as much work there recently due, not I hasten to add because of any problems for me there but due to the fact that in the recent re style ect the stamping section was smaller and smaller and I felt unable to offer my love of stamping without the tools! So I cut back my classes and demos but still appeared there maybe once each class term. There will be a massive clear out sale starting this Saturday, every item in store will be 50% off, this includes fixtures, fittings and furniture too and this runs to the end of the month.

Although it seems in one light to be picking the bones when a sale like this is announced I am sure everything sold will be great news for them so please make a effort to say cherrio to the store and staff and thanks for a lovely couple of years.

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Anonymous said...

What a shame indeed! Have been bugging them for StampingBellas for a while but had no idea they were having problems.Such a nice journey out there too.Any ideas where to get StampingBellas apart from direct from the States?Why does no one seem to stock them?Lucy Sweetman East Grinstead


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