Tuesday, April 15

What bugs you?


Hmm, photos that dont do the cards the justice they require bug me. take this cute little bug card.. it looks really pritty in real life. The photo doesnt look anything special. Its simple and pritty and I couldnt wait to share with you, but this photo is just boring!

The stamp is an adorable one from Penny Black via the Glitter Pot, I cant remember what it is called but its a cutie isnt it? The embossed frame is a Craftwork Cards frame, designed by the very talented Julie Hickey. I got this from The Glitter Pot too. The flowers are from my stash, the Zoomz are from Kym at Stamp Galaxy.co.uk I LOVE adding these to my cards.

I carefully chalked very lightly some of the embossed flowers with my Stampin Pastels and I coloured the image with my Stampin Up! ink pads... The little face on this bug is sooooooo cute, I mean look at those eyes and little furry eyelashes? or hair?! Whatever it is I coloured it with my Old Olive pad and I love it.

I wish you could see it in real life. Its not "knock your socks off special" but it does look nicer.

I made three cards, yesterday, one was this one, the other two are for my class on Saturday. I needed it. I think the men in white coats are coming! Last night when locking my Palace up I said "I love you shed".... I meant I love the break it gives me, the sanity check and I came out all refreshed. If you hadnt have guessed its school holidays here and so far we have had nits, fits, rash, tempretures, coughs, snot and then yesteday rounded off nicely with Caiden throwing up! Today we are going to the park, this is more or less the first time out, well I tell a lie, we did go a few little places last week. Nothing much to shout about though. Catch you later if the men in coats dont get me first.

"There coming to take me away haha......."


Joanne said...

This is such a pretty card Caz - I really like it. I can sympathise with you re the photography problem. Your description is so good though, my imagination can make up for the camera's failings!
Sorry to hear that your school holiday is not the best so far - here's to an improved week this week! Glad you have your palace to help you through.

Diane.W. said...

Your card looks fab,caz!I know what you mean about photos though,I do it a lot & it is frustrating,esp with glitter.:o)x

Julia said...

That is one pritty card Caz!! It looks pretty good to me in the photo. Your cards are always so inspiring and a joy to look at. I love all the fresh zingy colours you use. I hope the men in white coats don't take you away - what would I do without my Chirpin Corner fix??!! xx

Rachel said...

Awww Caz - sending you a big hug you sound like you need it - glad your shed (Palace) is providing some respite! I am like you I need my craft time to maintain a sense of balance - definitely

Debbie said...

This little beauty is gorgeous and I know what you mean it sometimes hard to get the greatest picture of a card that looks stunning in real life .. that little bug is just soooooo cute ... also just wanted to check with you am posting a couple of Stampin up cards on my blog and wanted to say that I got them from you but wanted to check if this was ok and acceptable with you???

Debbie said...

Thanks Caz :-) I've put a little link to you on there .. I have to say that set is just gorgeous as I have often found sympathy cards difficult as you never know what to do! I think am late again with my order ... I'll email you tomorrow .. I want to order a couple of sets of the watercolour crayons .. sorry to be late again

lcrmum said...

ohh what a cute card. You have been tagged on my blog. :) Hope you are doing better.

Girl With the Gadgets said...

Very pretty. Thanks so much for sharing.


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