Friday, April 25

Come on' make me smile

I have had a rubbish morning so far. I have lost my house/car keys, so Harvey was 40 minutes late for school. On the way as we were marching so fast he fell flat in the road, thankfully he wasnt too hurt, but his little sparrow legs were still shaking 10 minutes later! My plans are out the window as I have no car! With the problems with the petrol strike thing I think people are panicing about fueling up, I cant get there and I NEED petrol for a 4 hour trip tomorrow so if I cant get any I am stuffed!

I have scoffed a choccy biscuit and having a cuppa, I am trying to CHILL but hormones dont permit sometimes do they?

I have a story to tell you about my trip to Creative Living yesterday to pick up my unit, and when its in place a photo too, but its too heavy for me to carry. I picked up a little something extra and FREE yesterday there, but its sort of scary too!

Anyway, make me happy, come and look at my blog today I am sSOOOOOO close to 100000 hits!!



StampOwl said...

hope your day gets better Caz and congrats on nearly reaching 100000 hits!!!!!!!

Jackie said...


I'm glad I'm not the only one having one of those days!

Hubby just phoned and I ended up in tears telling how rubbish everything was for me at the moment, in truth he is doing my kitchen and I couldn't reach a tin of beans he had put in a temporary store cupboard.

Hope you find the keys soon

Julia said...

Oh dear, I hope things improve for you today Caz. I do check your blog everyday for your crafty ramblings so I hope I've helped you to 100,000 - well done!! x

Kim said...

Ooh what Caz, show and tell, show and tell!!!!

Handcrafted With Love said...

........ I hope that your day gets better very soon Caz and i'm dying to know what else you have got ........... The mind boggles!!!

Love Pam xx

Diane said...

What a way to end the week,poor girl!! Take a deep breath!!!!
Hope your day will be better!

Joanne said...

Have you looked in the battery charger for your keys? Years ago, when I was in the same situation - couldn't drive, couldn't go out because I couldn't lock the house up - I found them after a couple of days. My son had put them in the battery charger! Sending 'chillin' thoughts your way! Hope you find them soon and get some petrol.
Congratulations on the hit count - I looked when I read what you wrote, and it was already 100028.

Anonymous said...

Hey Caz
I used to lose my keys almost every day, until I popped up a hook! Pop them on there and hey presto, oh and high enough to stop the munchkins grabbing them!! It is so infuriating first thing in the morning and sure to start the day badly when they do a houdini. x


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