Friday, April 25

YES I am showing off!!

I have moved my hit thingy right up to the top. WOW 100000 hits.. that is a lot. Have I really bored you all that many times?? When will the torture end??

Well, my day has taken a fab turn... my keys.... in the sideboard drawer... there was me checking my boots, the fridge, the washing machine, the crisp box, all the places I have previously found dummies and drinks and they were in a drawer?! well thats kinda normal isnt it?

So I have got my shopping, filled my car (almost) for the first time ever! I put in £55.01 in , thats over $100 for you USA peeps, and I have a smallish car, peoguet 306 diesel our prices are HIGH!! It wasnt quiet full but nearest it has ever been.

I got home and I found a lovely packet from basically a thank you package of their new designs as a thank you for getting their product in the magazines. I am always very appreciative of shops that do appreciate you for the promotion I and others do in the magazines. So a HUGE thanks for Funky Kits and stop by their website where they have new Maggie and Hamish stamps for sale.

I have to take Ming Ming to the vet, bunny has a very large lump on its neck. Wish us well.



Clair & Sharni said...

Congrats on reaching 100,000 hits - your'e blog is fab! Sharni & I are always checking for updates!! xxx

Sallyh said...

congratulations on topping the 100,000 mark :) I love stopping by to see what you've created and to read the chatter :) fingers crossed for Ming Ming

Claudia said...

well deserved!
your cards and blog rock!!!

Diane said...

Glad to see your day is going better!!! Good luck to your bunny!

Anonymous said...

just like all of Carolines (caz)friends to know what a wonderful daughter I have. She has been such a help getting me through this sad time even though she must be grieving for her dad. David her brother has also been helping and supporting me. Their dad would have been so proud of them. I am very proud of all the beautiful cards Caroline makes, she takes after her Grandmother who was very artistic, I only wish that the two had met. Mum


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