Sunday, April 6

Quick update

My pc is broken, I am on my mums, its in the pc place and I hope to be back on Tuesday. Caiden had another febrile convulsion yesterday but hes ok now. Dont know why he had the temp... oh and we have about 3" of snow!

Speak later


Annie said...

I hope your pc is up and running soon. I'm glad to hear Caiden is ok, how scary! Between broken heaters, sick kids and such I'm hoping this week brings you some calm playtime in your palace!

Kerryn said...

hi caz. i hope u get ur pc sorted soon. poor little caiden. im pleased hes ok. em used to have those when she was younger. they scare the hell out of u dont they!

Jo said...

Sorry to hear about Caiden....hope he's improved :)


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