Friday, April 4

Help! I am trying to trace a stamp company

Small UK company and she has cute elephant and hedgehog stamps. I cant remember the name.



Diane said...

Hi Caz

Could it be
I got some elephant and fairy stamps from their website a few weeks ago. The size of their stamps are huge!!

Handcrafted With Love said...

Hiya Caz ........... I'm sure that Diane is right - thats the only one I can think of. Good luck. :0)

Love Pam xx

Nikki said...

Yes I'm sure it's little Claire designs.
The stamps are huge as Diane said.

Anonymous said...

Morning Caz

I agree with Diane, although I could only remember the name Claire!! Really handy huh?

Can we see an outside photo of the "Palace" or have I missed it somewhere

Best Wishes Jackie

Sarah said...

Hi Caz, Yes I guess its Little Claire you are looking for. Her stamps are lovely, really cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi Caz!
It is little claire I think. Very cute stamps!
Yvonne Carruthers


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