Friday, April 4

Watch out for the trolls!

They are about you know, they heard I had a spanking new shed and they liked the idea of living in the garden... here they are and they brought some friends too.....

Talking of shed, someone sent me a letter or something for my shed!! Just there wasnt enough postage on it so I need to go and collect it from the post office tomorrow. Made me laugh though, someone as mad as me out there!! LOL Its like "the shed, c/o Caroline Counsell........" tee hee

I am hoping to go to my Palace tonight and make something, been rather busy these last few nights and I havent even opened the door to it today.

My poor little mechanic has come home from school 100.2 temp, quiet warm eh? I have dosed him up and I hope it doesnt come to anything. Adam, the little fireman in yesterdays picture was throwing up all night! :( Get well soon Adam and Harvey! Kids eh? share everything.


mar1ene said...

They look fabby!! you gonna be busy!!!! lol

Marlene x

Claudia said...

faboulos new toys


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