Saturday, April 26


Bad night last night, now I regret telling Harvey he can come in our bed, just meant I had two wiggling boys in there and you would not believe where I ended up in bed, I was horizontal across the bottom of the bed at 5am this morning with Harvey horizontal across the top and Caiden horizontal in the middle!! I moved them back and then fell asleep til the alarm went off at 6am. I have a 2 hour drive this morning. I hope I feel more awake later!

BUNNY UPDATE! MING MING IS A FAT LADY BUNNY!! basically she has a big baggy chin!! LOL She needs more exercise and yes HER mounting my male guinea pigs is "normal" by all accounts if you are a rabbit. Of course now is drier (cough cough) or should be drier I can let her out more... Might need to get a bigger run. or let her run the garden. My only worry is that when we had the male guinea rabbit he ate the garden, and I dont want that.

Last night I had to pack to get ready for todays classes, so whilst there I thought I would have a quick play - here is a Lily and Milo stamp that I got from The Glitter pot, isnt she cute?? The words are Hero Arts.

Better go and get ready for work. Oh BTW a HUGE thanks to you all for getting me there over 100000 hits.... I'll sort out some yummy candy soon.


Diane.W. said...

Hi Caz!Could have saved u trip to vets,we had a bunny years ago with same thing,just a dbl chin,lol!!!!
Also have a rabbit who used to get "too friendly" with our poor G.Pig!!!
Glad Ming Ming is ok,I love my bunny too (Fidget!):o)x
P.S. What is the name of the Hero set the sentiment stamp is from,pls?

Anita Knits said...

Know how it feels to have children in your bed, my seven year old got in at two this morning, but I decided to move out and got into hers, but I was told this morning "to go and make my bed now!"

Love the card, the flower is fab.
Hope you have a good class

Jules said...

nice card.

Diane said...

Oh Caz,she's just too adorable!!
Love the dp and that prima,wow!!
Lovely card!!

TwinTrouble said...

Know the feeling of having two boys laid horizontal in the bed... lol

Love the card, he stamp is gorgeous & kinda funny as was just looking at them yesterday :)


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