Thursday, May 22

Beddy Byes

My boys went beddy byes early so Mummy got to play! Here is what I did.

You know I went to Crafts U Love last night and I was making a candle with the cute Whipper Snapper girl... well this little girly was calling me "Caz, take me home, Psssst, Caz, let me come and play in your palace" Well of course I couldnt ignore her plea. So along with my new bag (see below) she came to live a happy life with the other stamps in my Palace.

So tonight when I went to the Palace I heard her again "Caz, ink me up, go on, you know you want to. Oi! Caz, do ya hear me?!" So I gave in and made a card. I teamed her up with my scalloped Nestie (The Glitter Pot), the pumpkin pie paper (Stampin' Up!) Word Circle (Stampin Up!) and the paper is Stampin' Up! too. A few beautiful flowers and a Bellas Bauble for the middle.

Hope you like?

Oh and before I go, here is the other pesky craft item that made me buy it last night! Look at all those pencils... it fab it holds all my pencils, waterbrushes, scissors, staz on, versafine, creaser, trimmer, cardstock, glue, glitter glue, ruler and more!!


Diane said...

What a cute stamp,I love her!
You made a wonderful card too!!

Debbie said...

Love that gorgeous little sweetie .. but but but HOW MANY PENCILS DO YOU HAVE!!!! look at them all I'd be in heaven ...

Kim said...

Fab card Caz, Lurve the bag , I have a baby one that Shirley bought me for em birthday, I lurve what you have used yours for, I might just have to buy mummy one too!!!!

LazyKay said...

By gum, she's a persistent little girls isn't she? Glad you listened to her - you might have been awake all night if she'd kept that up.

WOW that bag! No wonder you succumbed.


Anonymous said...

Lol Caz, you made me giggle with the bossy little girly telling you to ink her up! but then you done her proud.. she looks gorgeous.. she just wanted to play 'dress up' in your palace!! lol!

Marlene x

Chrissy said...

Your card is adorable! You always use the cutest stamps! Boy you have loads of pencils!

paul profitt said...

Great stuff.
I just found your blog and love it.
Look forward to reading more.


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