Thursday, May 22

My week

I have been awol for a few days. Monday, well that was fun NOT! I had a wisdom tooth pulled out and it went fine, but today I am really uncomfortable with bruising and pain. Just taken some pills as its making me grumpy.

I had my class last night and that was really nice. Sat on tenterhooks watching the penalties on the footie last night. I wanted Chelsea to win, my Dad, dispite half his family suporting Chelsea and the other half Palace would have probably wanted Chelsea to win too, seeing that its a lot more local to us than Man U.

I got a lovely envelope from Stampin' Up! to congratulate me on going up three levels to Silver one and reaching my Stampin Start Programme. I got 4 certificates and three pins. I want to thank my customers and friends for helping me reach this goal and will be posting a special offer on my SU blog shortly.

Hope I might get into my Palace to craft tonight. I need to sort out what I am taking to Spain with me!

Oh and we might be getting a new addition to our family on Saturday, I will let you know!

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