Thursday, May 1

Cricut carts for sale

Still have for sale lightly used - some will have pages from other languages pulled out but the English language is complete, just means the pages are easier to find - as you can see I am REALLY keen to shift this lot as I want copics!! LOL BTW re copics are sketch the best? I mean I know they are the best but will Ciao do? there is a HUGE difference in price. I wouldnt be interested in the air system.

Christmas cheer - a fab christmas cartridge £25

Mickey Font - Mickey Mouse Font AND charachter faces too £25

Accent Essentials - you can only get this with the expressions machine! £25

Printing Press - a great font cartridge with cool shapes too £25

ADDED Mickey and Friends - Buy it before I change my mind!! £30

ADDED ; Rollagraph machine - Stampress machine - £10 works with the SU wheels too!!




Anita Knits said...

Hi Caz
I've got the sketch markers, ciao and the orginal markers. I have to say I dont think there is much difference between sketch/ciao - maybe the sketch brush nibs are slighty easier to use on small areas, but with practice you get used to the ciao. The orginal markers are great they have a finer point and are good for fine detail - I only happened to get these as someone was selling on ebay. Cultpens tell you that you can refill the ciao through the wider end nib, I've not tried this but I thought I would have ago. The other thing about sketch is as well as being refillible they also have more colours.
Not much help really, its a bit like having a baby you get varying information from different people and then you still don't know what to do!! LOL.

Jean said...

I would be interested in ADDED ; Rollagraph machine - Stampress machine - £10 works with the SU wheels too!! could you email me at


Nicola said...

I have the Ciao and I've been really pleased with them, I think the only difference is the colour range and that you can't use them with the airbrush system...I think...I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong !! have a look at the Art Discount site for really good prices on sets.

Andrea said...

Hi Caz, yes ciao markers will be fine, its just that there are more colours in the sketch. So occasionally you have to buy a sketch one if you want a particular colour and its not done in the ciao. Apparently, there is no difference, except the sketch are sold as refillable but the consensus is that the ciao are fillable too. And if you don't want the airbrush thingy anyway. Why don't you try a few ciaos first and see how you go. Cheers. Andrea x


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