Monday, June 16

Can I whine a little?

What now I hear you say... well I have missing stamps and it upsets me when that happens. There are at least three I am missing. Two of my uninked Riley stamps from Hannah Stamps and one of my favourite Magnolia Edwins, Edwin with broom. I KNOW I have these stamps but I cant find them. Edwin should have been hanging on my spinner with all the rest of the Magnolias but he isnt and I have been tearing my hair out since knowing he is missing. The Rileys, well one of them is a HUGE stamp, OK not HUGE but maybe LARGE its the Riley in plane.. where can he be? BOO HOO!! I have looked and looked and looked.

6:30am, Harvey got up and into our bed at not a lot past 5am, so I got up as I couldnt get comfy hanging half off the bed. Of course they are all fast asleep now.

here are my new Hanglar Stamps.. Cute eh?

If you have been sitting on the fence about joining SU as a demonstrator check out my SU blog (Link to right) to see their fab new joining offer. Now has to be the best time to join!

Oh well, better get dressed ect speak later


Diane.W. said...

Your stamps will turn up when you aren't looking for them!!! Prob from when you moved into your palace?!
Luv your new H&S stamps!!!! :o)x

Janette said...

OK so how did you get Hanglar stamps then....pop over to Europe did you ??????
Janette x

LazyKay said...

Blimey - there's only one 5 o'clock in the day for me these days and it's the tea time one!


Sheila said...

oh caz, where did you get the hanglar from?? i really want some!!!


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