Sunday, June 15


Thanks for the lovely comments on the recent cards. A few people said "wow that many" on the ones I made at the Glitter Pot yesterday, I didnt think I had done that well, felt that I hadnt made that many!! LOL

TOday I had a cry when the boys, OK I mean Harvey gave Darren his Fathers Day gift. But other than that I had a nice day with my Birthday Boy Caiden. Cant believe he is two. I remember the relief after having my 9lb 13oz baby, I was so uncomfortable at the end of my pregnancy. Labour was terrible, he made an entrance thats for sure and has been causing stir ever since... he is the cheeky, stroppy one! I never had a full blown strop from Harvey, he never flung himself on the floor in a trantrum so I dont know who Caiden learnt that off! That said I love him to the moon and back.

I made him a quick card last night... nothing spectacular but cute non the less. I made the card using one of my new stamps! YES I own an original Hanglar Stanlgar stamp all thanks to my friend Wendy! OK I know H&S are coming to the UK and it kinda dampened some of my excitment in getting these adorable stamps but once inked up I fell in love and thought to myself, "Yes, I will be a regular H&S customer at Sugar Nelly, BUT I have these, they are real and they are here now and did I mention they are cute" Be sure to check out for all news on these stamps.
I have a busy week this week prep wise, I hope to get to play soon.
Zzzzz mega tired tonight, gotta go.. nite nite xx


Diane.W. said...

Aww,Caiden is a cutie,hope he had a luvly b'day!!!!
Can you imagine my relief at giving birth to my daughter 11 lb 2oz & then my son who was.....14lb (1 stone)!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes,you read correctly,lol!!! :o)x

LazyKay said...

Beautiful card!



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