Thursday, June 5

I'm leaving on a jet plane!

I'll be back home tonight. I thought I would list the things I am happy and sad about coming back.

to leave MIL and FIL
to leave the sun!
to leave the Pool!
to have to cook and clean when back
Pile of washing I have to do when home
Sort a load of work stuff out when I get home, packages to despatch, prep for class ect
Miss the panaramic views of Selabrena

* to be home, there is no place like home!
* to see my pets
* to see my new car, I got a car before we went and I havent driven it yet
* to see my post - I have a magnolia package! and Stampin Up! orders to sort and maybe some lovely buttons.
* to see my shed
* to see how my garden has grown
* to get away from the mozzies - we have been bitten a lot ;(
* To get away from the flies - being in the hills there are a lot of flies and they are annoying!

We have had a lovely time! Boys have enjoyed it, it was almost a year since we came last.

I have a lot of work to do when I get home, Stampers Ten orders to sort out and pack (unfortunately the order didnt come in time for me to despatch before I left, very frustrating for all, me included), prep for class, I have a lot of cards to share with you. I made about 14!! It was fun. The weather has been lovely. I also need to sort out my Escape event, I have been thinking about it and I think I will hire a hall and make a bigger event. I just hope people will turn up! LOL

Check out go to the UK and then check out the special offers, WOW they have some amazing offers this month. There is Two for you offer and also the Escape bundle too. Email me if you want anything. I will be working on the S10 orders for the middle of the month so I can add yours to it. You would just pay the bundle price and postage to you from me.

Anyway after a few days of getting on top of things I will be back to rambling and sharing my cards. I have been having fun with Bellas, Magnolias, Stampin Up! and other bits and bobs.

See ya later !! Missed ya.

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Julia said...

It sounds like you've had a great time and I've missed your creations Caz!! Like you say, 'there's no place like home' and today, where I live the sun is shining!! x


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