Friday, June 6

Stampin Up! Meets

OK you know I am ztruggling with S zo I wont be uzing any more... I am looking for a UZB keyboard from freecycle az we cant afford one right now.... zo for now I will be typing with z'z.

I took a bunch of ztampz to zpain and zome ztampin up paperz, card and a few more bitz and bobz. zo I had a kind of limited zuppliez thing going on and it waz fun. zo a the accezzoriez ect were Ztampin Up! it waz ZU meetz.... Bella... Magnolia and more... Here are a few

Thiz one iz Magnolia main Image - The Glitter Pot
zunflower iz from a Ztampendouz zet - I dont think The Glitter Pot haz it but they zhould be able to add to their Woodware order.
Paper and Card iz Ztampin' Up!
Thiz one iz a Magnolia (TGP) and Unfrogettable from Ztampin Up! The wordz were from a Ztampendouz clear zet. All theze card have been coloured with Ztampin Up! watercolour wonder crayonz.
Thiz iz "All Punked up" from Diez to Die for - they dont zell theze off their webzite but email them with the name and they can help. The "zplatz" are from the Ztampendouz zet too. Paperz are ZU.
Another Magnolia (TGP) Wordz again Ztampendouz, punch ZU, Paperz ZU too.
Thiz lazt one for now iz Ztampendouz bee from TGP, Button Eternal Maker, Punched flower iz the ZU zcallop punch cut down and uzed the white pen from ZU too... Card and Paper iz ZU.
CLICK on imagez to zee them bigger.
I hope you like... More to come!


Rachel Webber said...

Yeah! glad your back - more inspiration for me. The cards you have created are wonderful, looks like you actually took quite a lot of stuff with you.

Michelle said...

Great cards Caz, they are fab! :0) Love the colours and layouts, great images too x

LazyKay said...

This is zo funny!


Sarn loves choc said...

These cards look great on your blog, but even more BRILLIANT IRL - thanks for the sneak peak at the Glitter Pot class today!


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