Sunday, June 22

Mixed Chatter

Lenny Lizard

I just downloaded a few photos off my camera I wanted to share with you, some are cards I made yesterday, one is my car that we got a few weeks ago and the other Hmm cant remember, only just did it!! LOL thats my memory for ya!

awww yeah now I remember this is one of the cute lizards we get in our garden. I love them. so cute their little cold feet! Not sure what type they are, were not known for our lizards in the UK!
Ohh there is my bright red car. Its a very sensible Zafira, it drives beautifully. I was a little worried goign from a peagoet 306 to one bigger but everything about is is so nice to drive. When I got back into my old car the other week I thought something was wrong with it, the clutch pedal was so stiff, as was the steering! Nope I had just got used to the red car. so now whoever needs the red car for the kids has it and the other person has the other car. Darren sold his old one for £100, better than we thought! I have plenty of room for crafting stash!! LOL
The next three pictures are of the spinner cards I made yesterday at Eternal Maker. All stamps are Stampendous.
We are going to Bexhill today, its been a manic weekend, yesterdat I was at Chichester I left before 8am and came back about 6.45pm chinese takeaway in hand! there was no way I was cooking last night.
I soooo want to play with my summer and sea stamps and not be out all day! OMG I love this collection! seems you do too... Byran tells me people were ordering BEFORE they uploaded the photos of the stamps... LOL was that you? come on own up! I know one of you left comment thanking me for the scoup!! LOL Its my pleasure to share the stash news with you all, just make sure I get mine first!! Hee Hee Hmm Talking glitter Pot they have a few of the Quick Pick Hydrangeas in stock, a lovely one called stawberry that has the most scrummiest Red, pink yellow and green and a bright blue one that I couldnt resist either. When I win the millions I am going to get a bath of primas, a bath of zoomz and a bath of daisy buttons!! LOL


Diane.W. said...

Morning Caz!!! Fab cards,luv the spinner cards,they are so effective.Nice car too!!!
Now the lizard,erm...cutie,but wouldn't DARE hold one,yikes!!!! :o)x

Jill said...

your new card looks fab. Great cards, lovwe the stamps and papers Jill x

Elaine said...

Lizards... I'm impressed! All we get in our garden are mice and birds!!!

Julie said...

Oops, I've been caught - It was me who didn't wait for the pictures - I was too impatient. I knew which ones I was after and didn't want to miss out :)
Thanks again
Julie x

Kitty said...

Hey Caz! Fab creations, love the monkey one best!!

I have tagged you, details on my blog :D

Dawny P said...

Love all these cards Caz - fab as always. And what about your fab red motor chicken - love it xx But I have to say I am not sure about Lenny though - mmmm!!I think you are very brave to hold him. Me, I am the world's biggest wimp lol xx

Samm said...

Oh my goodness, what are you doing getting lizards in your back garden? I've never seen them in the UK.


LazyKay said...

OH, never seen a Lizard in MY garden, just perishing blackbirds nicking my fruit!

Worth taking a photo to send to the Countryfile Calendar?

Lovely cards too. Don't know much about cars, they have wheels and doors (don't drive) but yours looks nice and bright and glad you're enjoying it.


Diane.W. said...

Hi Caz! Just popped back to let you know,the lil lizardy creature is actually a Newt!!!
My hubby (Paul)told me,he once bought a pair for our pond,he put them in & they climbed out & ran away,we never saw them again,lol!!!! :o)x

Diane said...

Your car looks awesome! And your cards are oh so pretty,I fav is the bee one it's so darn cute!

Clair & Sharni said...

Lenny the lizard, im sorry to say, is actually a newt - looks like he needs a new name :0)


Ickle Pickle said...

Fantastic cards Caz, just gorgeous :)


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