Sunday, June 8

Zunday Chit Chat

I had a lovely day at The Glitter Pot yezterday. I had the candle clazz again and had a lovely group of ladiez in and we had a good old natter and a laugh.. Oppz and not forgetting the one man that came too, I think he did good putting up with uz lot!

I have a mega buzy day today. I want to pop to zee mum, pick up a keyboard off a freecycler!! YEAH!!! pop to Craft Barn to zee Maggie Wright, I hope zhe iz demoing both dayz. Only going to zee her really az I have no money az I zpent it on Magnoliaz and other bitz at The Glitter Pot... will be nice to take my car out for a run too. Need to go to Ztaplez to getting more packing materialz for my orderz that will be poztal tomorrow, wazhing, zunday dinner ect ect ect

Here are zome more of the cardz off holiday...

Ztampendouz Monkey, Craftwork Cardz wording - All Glitter Pot
Paper and Card - Ztampin Up!
The Button iz Eternal Maker.

The Pirate iz from Ztamping Bella via Diez to Die for. Paper iz Ztampin Up! Very zimple but I added a few bitz and uzed it for a party Harvey went to yezterday.
God I hate blogger zometimez I cant get the wording where I want it. I have uzed a mixture of ztampin Up! for the paper and card, ztampz are Magnolia, Ztampin Up!, Ztampendouz and more.... If there iz anything you want to know azk, I cant get thiz thing to line up!

Thankz to everyone that haz left a mezzage recently. Nice to know I am not talking to myzelf!


Diane.W. said...

Fab cards!
Will b so glad when you get new keyboard,those Z's are making me have a reading impediment,lol!!!! ;O)x

Anita Knits said...

Great to have you back. You've been busy on holiday. Fab cards, love the Stamping Bella Fabby one she is gorgeous. Going have to get the stampin up set with the frog and toadstool, it is just so cool - that's my order for stampin ten sorted!!! Anita.

Janine said...

Glad you got your keyboard - I was thinking of trying to sweet talk my boss into letting me take one from the office for you! You did some lovely cards on your hols. I am hoping to take some stuff to Suffolk next month - mind even get hubby playing again!

Scrapbookmama said...

I love your cards and zooooo happy you have a new keyboard! lol :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Caz... I caught a glimpse of you chatting to Paula Pascual when she was demoing at the craft barn, But I looked up and you were gone :( I was on the new Kadoodle stamp stand. Hopefully get to meet you when I come to the Glitter pot on Saturday.

See you
Sandra x x


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