Saturday, June 7

I dont know...

Been away for a week and everyone zeemz to have done a runner! No commentz, plummiting down the blog rankz... come back ya'll!
Here are a few more cardz from my card making retreat in Zpain! LOL OK, well I mean our very relaxing holiday...

Thiz one waz made by me and my Mum. Zhe coloured it and I made it into a card. Zhe likez the painting but haz no interezt in making cardz but together we made thiz for my in lawz az a thank you to them from my Mum. Ztamp iz Houze Mouze, Thank you iz from a Ztampendouz zet.

Thiz card iz a funny one! Itz not been made to zhow off my cardmaking zkillz thatz for zure. It waz made az a thank you for our holiday to my in lawz and to give them a giggle. I cuztomized the monkeyz to look like all of uz. The firzt one iz Harvey with hiz ball and information book, the zecond iz Caiden with hiz chocolate all over him and hiz dummy in, the next one iz me of courze, thoze little coloured thingz on the floor are crocz (or cheaper equivalent) I went to Zpain with 4 pairz and came back with 7!! LOL The lazt iz Darren with hiz cigarette and bottle of beer!

I teamed it up with ZU paperz and the circle of friendzhip zet that iz part of the Ezcape bundle thiz month!

I made thiz one with Magnolia ztamp (TGP) and ZU Paperz, the word ztamp iz Ztampendouz
Thiz one iz Whipperznapper for the dezign. And I cant remember for zure... but think itz a flower from a Ztampendouz zet too.

Laztly for thiz batch iz a Magnolia ztamp, teamed up with the Ztampendouz flower, thiz iz actually a half flower and although it doeznt meet up properly itz not too bad.

Not zure if I mentioned The Glitter Pot have now got the Zhabby Chic ztampz in ztock!

Right getting ready for work now... catch you later


Belinda said...

Hi Caz
Hope your relaxed and rested. You seem to have kept busy with the ink though!!!!
Great to have you back! We missed you!

Julia said...

I'm still here Caz and will be until you stop stamping - which I think is very unlikely!! Love all your cards especially the monkey one of you and your boys, very funny! xx

Michelle said...

Great cards Caz, love them all and you have been busy! I hope you had a lovely holiday! My fave card is the Changito monkeys one - so cute and made me smile :0)

Rachel Webber said...

Oh my god you were busy! They are all so beautiful

Candice said...

Hi Caz!! I'm still here checking out your blog - I always so enjoy looking at your cards - you do fabulous work!! Glad you guys had a wonderful time in Spain!

Diane.W. said...

Hi Caz! Glad you all had a nice break,good to see you bk,missed ya!!! :o)x

TCake said...

nice to have you back caz...glad that you had a lovely holiday. Teresa x

Jill said...

beautiful cards Caz as always love the images, layouts and papers Jill x

Sarn loves choc said...

Evening Caz - these cards are all FAB as usual! Thanks for a great class today. It was fun (even if the bows wouldn't behave!)

Sarah said...

Hi Caz

I love Stephanie -Whippersnapper and bought her today from crafts u love. Thanks for another lovely card.

Sarah xx

Georgie said...

Hi Caz,
Just thought I would say Hi - let you know that there are some of us our here!
The monkeys look brilliant and what a great keepsake for the in-laws.
It amazes me how you come up with so many different ideas for your cards, which are all different - I just love them all.
I have quite a lot of family in Portugal (my Dad moved from the UK over 20 years ago - god I feel old!) so I kinda know how you feel when you have to leave them. Hope you had a good rest though.
I saw a demo you were doing at Creative Pastimes a couple of years ago - I was trying to pick up some watercolouring tips! Can't get to demos easily as I live down in Devon - has to be a special treat!
Sorry - babbled on a bit!
Take care, Georgie x

Kerryn said...

gorgeous cards as always caz! i must get those round sentiment stamps! i really want those whipper snapper stamps too!
i love how uve customised the monkeys to be all of u! they will love it.
i've heard u had a great day at the glitterpot. i must make it to one of your classes soon!

Jo said...

I'm still here Caz although it's been a hectic week!! Wonderful cards and all so different. Glad you had a good holiday :)

Dawn Marie said...

I LOVE all your cards! The monkeys are my fav.! And house mouse of course! Its nice to get away for holiday isnt it?TFS


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