Thursday, July 10

What do you think?

Of my new bits on my blog? Does it make it less cluttered on here? and also easier to find the other info if you want? I like my blog links page as I have added the feature that enables me to see when people have updated so I dont need to click on everything all the time ;0)

Right for todays cards I have two cards that I have made using elements from the Summer Kit and elements from Sir Stampalot.

This card is made using the Summer Girl from the kit and the tall flowers behind her. There are two flower stamps here, the one lilac coloured flower far left and the clump of 4 flowers next to it. These were both got from Sir Stampalot. I have added flowers, button, zoomz and ribbon.

This is another cute girl from the Summer Kit along with the summer drink and the wooden stall, sun shade and flowers from Sir Stampalot. I stamped the stall and then stamped it again twice to cut off the top part to create the tall legs on which the summer shade is fixed.

Look at this beautiful rose. I look into my garden and see this and feel Happy, this the rose my Mum brought me called "My Dad". I look at this and feel his love and also hear in my head him telling me off for being "so bleedin soppy" He didnt do lovey dovey! But I do and thats how I feel when I see it and I said I would share it with you when it grew and by golly it has, it has two big blooms with at least 6 more buds coming.

Harveys school sports day was supposed to be today but we had so much rain yesterday the field was too wet. He has his play tomorrow, I'll tell you about that tomorrow. Also Caiden went on the bus today for the first time! I was working this morning at Crafts U Love and Nanny took Caiden on the bus to Horley town.. I bet he loved it! He hasnt been on one before (other than the airport one) Harvey was most jealous as he hasnt been on one before. Funny isnt it? Coz my mum doesnt drive we were often on buses and also never flew as a child. Now these boys have never been on a bus but Harvey at 5 has flown 5 times and Caiden at 2 has flown 3 times!

Well I am bushed, Harvey has got up at 5;45am and 2;45am these last two nights. So I dont get a good sleep after that. Really want to stamp something but am just too tired :(

See ya tomorrow my lovelies xx


Dawny P said...

Hope Harvey's play goes well Caz xxx Love the stuff you did here - just fab as always. And I loved what you said about the rose and what your dad would have said - it made me happy and sad all at once!!! Hope you are ok and big hugs xxxx

Jill said...

Gorgeous cards Caz, My Dad's rose is gorgeous such a lovely colour. Hope you get some rest and enjoy Harvey's play Jill x

CraftyC said...

A great Tilda card!!

Joanne said...

Love these cards Caz - you are so good at putting the main stamps together with the perfect background stamping!
Beautiful rose - lovely idea to have to remember your dad.
Our kids are the same - have been on more planes than buses!

LazyKay said...

Beautiful cards as always, I love the images you choose and how you arrange them.



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