Thursday, November 27

Fair update

Well it went well in a selling pespective. I sold all but 3 notepads, but speaking to a mum this morning she asked about one I had left and Harvey has pinched the other one. The reindeer poo was a hit with just 1 coming home which my boys will eat tonight. The reindeer food didnt go well, not sure why.. I brought about 10 of those home... the bookmarks went well too with about 8 coming back with me. SU wise it wasnt really the right place for it, but you have to try dont you? People were comign to buy stuff for Christmas so not looking for that type of thing.
Before the event - Lovely black velvet table cloth ;0) and Ikea star lights

After the event

This was my friend, Tamsins stall... very professional eh? Beautiful country items check out her blog she has a website too but I cant remember the link. Lovely stuff though.


Rachel said...

Oooh you did well to sell all that lot - and still a few cute book marks left - Cait loves hers and even uses it!!! Not that she ever leaves a book unfinished...but she likes to see it sticking up!

Diane said...

Well done on your sales Caz, it makes all the hard work worth while. Loved the note books - must get some!!

Tamsin said...

Hi Caz, It was fun wasn't it! Having seen your notebooks etc in the flesh as it were, I can confirm to anyone reading this that they were really gorgeous and worth far more than a £1!

Thank you for the plug and I'm going to be really cheeky and say if anyone would like to look at my website it's

Hugs, Tamsin xx


Well done Caz, it is often hard to sell at craft shows, but you did so well, it was worth all that effort. Mind you im not surprised your work is lovely! hugs Linda x


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