Friday, November 21


I am sorry for lack of posts... been busy with sick kids and work. Also I am having a table at school shopping night next week and here are a few things I am making.. I have made about 40 bookmarks and am hoping to get 50p each for them.
The reindeer bags I was hoping for £1 for those..
I am also making reindeer poop bags
candles, bags and mints
Do you think they are OK? and do you think prices are fair??

I will show you more when I have more done, also show you my table.
speak later...missing ya!


Diane said...

Everything looks awesome! And your prices are really good too! I'm sure they all went.

Janet said...

Hi Caz,
the things you have made are fab and I am sure they will sell! Thank you for your lovely comments about my stamps. Watch out for Mimi's brother Jack arriving on my blog next week!
Janet X

tyrymom29 said...

way tooooo cute!!!!


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