Friday, November 21

The reindeer food worked!

I just cut out these little lovelies.... well if I used anything but my SU scissors my fingers would be crippled but these scissors are fab to use.

Anyway... all that reindeer food has certainly attracted these little critters and here is the lovely Joel from Toodles and Binks. These will be attached to my reindeer poop baggies with a handful of chocolate raisins and at little poem I made up too... will update with photo when done but I need to purchase the raisins first.


Anonymous said...

I just love the expressions on their faces - priceless!

Anonymous said...

Hi Caz :)
Sweet 'lil reindeers!!

and about your question.. yep, I covered the front, spine and just about half an inch at the back to cover the tape that was there,

It sure is a great way of using up some scraps!! lol

Have a great weekend and can't wait to see your jotter pads ;)

Marlene x

Diane said...

That's alot of cutting,but was all worth it,they are so adorable!
Looking forward to see your creations with those!

leann said...

Oooooh, lots & lots of li'l Joel's ~ how fabby!
Hugs x


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