Monday, December 29

Almost a new year and thinking of a schedule for my blog

I have seen other blog users do this... a schedule for what will happen on what days.. I will try and keep my loose as you know how hectic things get with kids! But on Mondays I want to share with you a person off my blog list, this will be a person who's blog inspires me and maybe someone that you might not have already found.

Todays person is a lady called Sparkle and thats her real name ;0) How lovely eh? She is from Washington, USA and I think I found her from the Bella Forum on Splitcoast Stampers. Here is her blog link She uses her copics beautifully and from the look of her blog header she got lots for Christmas ;0) I LOVE her card on 25th Decembers post with all those bellas and I love the little Scrap-lings on 20th December too... Maybe I ought to try one of these... I need to research a little more into what these are. So take a trip on over to Sparkles blog and take a moment to say how much you love her work (assuming you will too)

I have 2 cards made that I can share and I will get those done lately. Thats all for the plans so far, Mondays = Blogs that inspire me..... I might think of something else for other days... not sure right now. You may have noticed over on the right hand column I have added a section which will display news about specials, new stock and other shop related stuff from all the places I love so keep your eyes on this side part as it will change often.

Speak later

1 comment:

Emma said...

Brill idea...I have taken a look at Sparkels blog and am now following.
Her work is amazing.
Emma x


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