Monday, December 22

Christmas art from Harvey

Harvey loves to make things and here is what he (with a little help from me) made. Now I am rubbish at shapes, drawing ect... thats why I stamp and use the cuttlebug ect to do shapes. So this is my feeble attempt at a Christmas Tree shape. He then coloured the tree green, stuck some Craftwork Cards candy dots... seeing that I have a gazillion of these and they are such a great price at £1 a pack I dont mind giving him some. Then he applied almost an entire glitter glue tube on it and spread it about with his fingers to make it really sparkle. He wanted me to blog it so of course like any good mummy I am ;0)

I have made another card using the Magnolia Jingle Jangle stamps the little pixie is soo cute and this time I swapped her leaves for a rather pritty flower petal skirt and typically when I took the photo she tucked her hand under her skirt (Hmmm not really but I could not get that hand show without looking like she had been savaged by a Gruffalo or something simular who ate half her fingers) Here she is in with the flowers looking like silhoettes against the striking sunset.. that was the look I was after? does it work? I used wording from Stampin' up! and the scallop punch too.

I got three new stamps today from Sprial Whisper, all new not seen before designs and these one are fab for boys. Cant wait to show you. SW have now gone over to rubber and the etching is fantastically deep and the rubber is really thick too... Fantastic quality... I have also been lucky enough to see 12 new designs for the new year WOW... we are in for a treat.
I hope you liked the video from last night... OMG I was crying so much with laughter when I saw it and you should have seen me and the boys this morning trying to copy the video, Harvey had it on a loop for about 10 times!

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Momiji said...

well done Harvey on the lovely glittery Christmas tree!
love the little pixie too cute...


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