Tuesday, December 30

A last and a first

Today I have managed two cards. I coloured the wonderful Leanne Ellis heart girls in last night with my watercolour pencils and went to a mission to mount two of them. I wanted to do different styles and colours with the same stamp and coloured it in 4 times. So there maybe 2 more to follow sometime soon.

This is the last of this style girl, I have already blogged the other two cards, I really really love this stamp. She reminds me a bit of a western girl, like a can can girl in the salloon, but also she reminds me of an oriental girl too! weird eh?

I am really pleased with both cards, both are simple (thats what I do right?) this one was coloured in Green and oranges, Darren chose green as I was running out of colour ideas and I threw in the orange colour. The background paper is Spided Cider from Stampin' Up! the colours were perfect for it. Then I used some of the SU punches and stamps to match. I feel the whole things work so well as SU really do think about their products and how they should work together. The cardstock is Really Rust it matches the paper perfectly, the stamped flowers are stamped on the same coloured card and then punched with the co-ordinating punches. Its my idea of easy crafting and does take some of the colour matching problems out of making cards. Yes I know I am a SU demo, I would say that wouldnt I? LOL but for me I really remembered tonight why I signed up to be a demo and what drew me to SU products. I know its not a SU stamp, but thats OK, SU demo are allowed to love other things! LOL I know there are SU fans out there, as there are SU haters too... each to their own and live and let live thats what I say, there is room for us all ;0) - soapbox packed away and sickbags available by sending SAE

Here is the "last" of the LE designs (from this range of 3)

And now for my First... my First "Scrap-ling" Ain't she cute? So what a Scrap-ling I hear you say... well basically its a small thin card made using the scraps that you get when cutting a piece of in the UK's instance a A4 piece, down from A4 to a card blank size. My "usual" cards are all made using A4 and cutting to 5 3/4" square, this is the piece that is left. Its a fab idea to use these pieces and they make cute cards for tags, little notes and even a bookmark. I used the same stamp, coloured in lilacs, I used a scrap piece of lilac left over from another project, punched words and scallop from other scraps. Added some purple "Card Candy" dots and viola! done a cute card and my first Scrap-ling.


tracy said...

arrrhhh these are so sweet Caz love the colours and the papers.
You really made me laugh the other day about the sudocrem incident. Your blog keeps me laughing lol in a nice way brings back memories of when my kids were young.
Happy New Year
Tracy x

Kim said...

Well Caz, these are the most gorgeous creations, I have fallen in love..... No one does watercolour better than you, I was always in awe of your colouring and still am, I don't think i would have taken to stamping like I have if it wasn't for you!!!
These cards are soooo beautiful and I just love the scraplings, after seeing the previous post I had to venture to see what a scrapling was, and loved them, started one yesterday, think I will throw in bin now after seeing this stunning little masterpeice, what a fabulous crafting way to end the old year and start a new one!!!

Happy new year babe, to you Darren the babes and ya Mum...... and I look forwad to many more scraplings.... ps aren't those images just the best!!!

Suzieq said...

Hi Caz,
Your cards are beautiful lovely papers and gorgeous stamp!
Hope you had great christmas and have a jolly new year
Suzie Q

Basement Stamper said...

Love that first card, it's darling!

Vivra said...

Hi Caz--your description of Scraplings made me think--do you have "Trading Cards" over there? Here in the States (well in Texas I know of) we do small (playing-card) size designs and swap them. They can be displayed as is, or used to adhere to larger greeting cards, or as gift tags.

I love the way you embellish your cards. I just wish I didn't live about 6,000 miles away from you!

Hope your 2009 is a wonderful, healthy and successful year.

Vivra in Texas

LazyKay said...

What lovely work.

Not been to blogland for a while, so just having a quick catch up.

Hope you had a lovely Christmas.


Emma said...

Both really sweet and cute cards...again love the colour combo's you have used.
Emma x


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