Monday, January 26


Every Sunday night I will be Lost in Lost. I watched the special double episodes last night and it was soooo exicting!! LOL I didnt get too lost either. We had warmed our brains to the Lost way earlier in the day when watching a programme which was sort of introducing Lost to new people and giving followers a recap as its been soooo long since Lost was on the screens.

Today was running errands with Mum and then popped into Crafts U Love where I had reserved a Alota Cupcake stamp. Those that blog surf about may have seen this large cupcake stamp used and its a fab one for the Tildas to sit on. They have also got a lot more of the large Alota stamps and the sofa back in stock too. Mum treated me to a 99p stamp too ;0)

No cards to share at the moment. Just made a big dish of Macaroni Cheese for tea and had my lunch. Harvey is out on evening walk with the Beavers tonight. It has been so wet recently I think he will be coming home a bit muddy. Oh and lucky Daddy has been volunteered for this one so he is going for the moonlit walk with all the little beavers!

I hope to ink something up later so please do pop on back.



Rachel said...

Oh they will have a ball - Darren will be another little kid too!!! Send them out with a baked potato for their pockets!!! I suppose it is reasonably mild at the moment - the minus temps we had the other week could have been interesting!


juliejules said...

Caz thanks for telling us about the cupcake stamp, I am obsessed with cupcakes and have just been over and purchased!! See you Friday, Jules x

Steph said...

Glas to hear Harvey is enjoying beavers. Its guides for me tonight and then quickly back home for 24 - love kiefer sutherland! Hope you can chance to play with your new stuff.

Paula said...

Have never got into lost myself, but then i have to fight for the remote, so its not worth it!

Hope you enjoyed your macaroni cheese...yum!!

Theres somthing for you over on my blog... (my 'other' blog)

Paula xxx


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