Tuesday, January 27

Mondays must not miss it

Do you think people will notice I am late again?? Oh Well, better late than never eh?

Mondays Must not miss it is a lady Erica's Blog http://blogje-van-eer.blogspot.com/
She makes the most beautiful cards, a lot of Magnolia which of course I love and she creates fun little stories for the girls on the cards, I really do love reading them ;0) So pop on over and have a read and meet all the girls.

Update of last nights walk. It was a walk from Reigate Hill carpark to the top of Reigate Hill, through the pitch dark woods, up to the hill to see the view, the stars and most importantly roll down the crater! So we walked, Oh yeah, I didnt tell you did I? I decided I was missing out and just before Darren left ran around for clothes and wellies for me and Caiden and we went along. I am glad I did. It was something that I never would have done, a freaked out if the kids tried but as it was a organised walk and roll and we were told they would be very muddy we let them get on with it and it was a blast! Picture 20+ kids all under 8, so aged between 5 3/4 and 8 walking in the dark, in the woods, with torches, mud and puddles. Then we get to the crater and they are encouraged to roll down the crater on their bottoms, rolly pollys, even Tictac took some sledges too! Fantastic muddy fun! A memory they will treasure and what a fun night and so what if they were covered in mud?! Next week is science week at Beavers and the week after a walk to a local church for bell ringing and exploring. I am so pleased Harvey is going to beavers is fab fun!

BTW I did do some colouring but not make a card last night, took much fun in the mud!

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