Saturday, January 31

New Penny Black have landed

At and I had to mosey on down for a look. What a nightmare that was, I was already a little nervous on travelling the very road I span on last week and then we came across a crash that blocked the road, well over a hour later we finally got to The Glitter Pot where Bryan woke up my little bag of stamps, he said they had been resting and waiting for their new owner (sorry Bryan am I letting your secret of "talking to your stamps" out?) LOL Harvey was with me, he was FED UP! big time, he had a headache, was tired hungry and thirsty so we stopped at a petrol station for a drink, calpol and something to eat.

Whislt there, and to prove the New Penny Black wasnt the only reason I was there I picked up some stamps and papers for my class on 14th Feb. If you havent booked yet you need to now! We are going to have a fab time with stamps, papers ect and I might even make you all a little valentine gifty too ;0) Classes are One layer cards and lots of layers cards... sound good eh? So click the link and give them a call I would love to see you there.

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