Monday, February 2

The S Word

And for once I dont mean Stamps!!

Look what we have.....

We have approx 10 - 12 cm and there is no sign of it stopping. School has been closed YIPEE so Harvey is well pleased. I am too to be truthful as I havent got my car and I wasnt about to walk there especially as there is a lot more forecast.
My New Penny Black stamps have been eased in gently and I have coloured a few in, just need to make some cards so maybe between the snow fun I might get something made with them. remember a while back I sold a load of stamps so I could get my Bellas? Well they havent come yet, whats the betting that they will come today, or I will be carded today so I cant collect them!!
Also anyone a knitter of doggy jumpers? I think Milo needs one!! LOL His poor little tummy is buried in the snow and in Harveys words..
"Milos poor little nuts are frozen" !!! Kids eh?
Beavers is cancelled and TicTac forsaw the snow warnings and has arranged a meeting just by his house with 10 sledges so if we feel brave at 5pm we're go out for sledging for 1/2 hour this really is the best snow we have had since Harvey has been around so we need to get out and take advantage of it. I am sure I will be updating with lots more pictures.
Take care and wrap up everyone


Glitter Monkey said...

Have a lovely time with your family in the snow Caz! We haven't got any up here and Ben is REALLY not happy! Lol Lynn x

Shary said...

Glad to see some snow in UK. UK makes me laugh soon as a bit of snow comes ahhh panic schools close. Here we just have to get on with it, it's a bugger walking the kids to school!! I laughed at poor Milo's "bits". Poor little thing. Enjoy your snow. :0)


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