Tuesday, February 3

Me again

Here is Mr Milo in the snow! He loves it... we took him over the park yesterday and he really enjoyed it.

Here is a card I made using one of the lovely new Penny Black stamps from The Glitter Pot. They have these in stock NOW! I coloured this in with my SU Inkpads.

Any bird lovers out there? Tell us what this bird is? He was outside on our fence for a lot of the day yesterday and believe it or not its very spooky, I have been looking for him all morning and just as I started typing about him he is there now! He is a beautiful bird. Bigger than a starling, he has a real fat chest.

and lastly here is a card I made with a Penny Black Hedgehog. One of the new designs ;0)


Jackie said...


I think he's a song thrush, not many of them about now so take care of him!!!!


Julie said...

Hello Caz, lovley cards as always. If you are still looking for the type of bird in your garden, I think it is a Thrush.

Diane.W. said...

Can't believe this,sooo spooky Caz!!!
We have had these birds in our garden yesterday & want to know what they are,they are luvly.I feed the birds & I think I'm turning into a bit of a "Twitcher",lol!!!
Then just this morning we were laughing at Badger,our lil Jack Russell, because he was jumping through the snow like a lil Deer!!!

Your cards are luvly BTW!!! :o)x

Kim said...

Awww the gorgeous Milo, how cute, Stamford andtille went flying out for a pee and ran back in with legs crossed lol now they are slip sliding around in it, though they come back very cold indeed...lol Stamford luvs eating the snow it's a good 7-8 inches deep in my garden....

Lurve the cards BTW, fab colouring as always....

Heather Bradley said...

Beautiful cards Caz :0)
mmmm I'm not really up on my birds but perhaps it could be a thrush? Looks like one we keep getting on our bird table, we get lots of bluetits, robins, woodpidgeons, blackbirds and a couple of rooks...oh if I remember right, the bluepeter site has a birdwatch on at the moment and there is a bird guide to download with pictures of birds!
**Hugs** Heather x

Sarah said...

Hi Caz,

I love your cards as always - just my style. I think your bird might be a thrush (a song thrush), but I don't suppose he was doing much singing in the snow.

Treacle said...

Well after a little investigating I think that birdie might be a thrush.

Check out this link here


Anonymous said...

Hi Caz

I think it is a thrush very nice, you are very lucky. Hope you all are enjoying the snow.


Nicola said...

Hi Caz,
The bird looks like a Song Thrush to me ( I think !)
Love the card, really pretty.

Tamsin said...

Hiya Caz, Love that cat stamp! I may be wrong but that bird looks like a thrush to me :)

Lovely snowy pics too!

Love to you,

Tamsin x

Julie's Crafty Corner said...

Looks like a Thrush to me Caz!


Sarah K said...

Looks like a Thrush to me... not sure tho! Stunning cards I do love the little cat with the flowers xx

clare said...

aw..what a sweet card
hugs clarex


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