Tuesday, February 3

Stamp Heaven

WOW talk about good mail day today. I got so much to share.. so much to ink up! Remember a while back I sold a few stamps for my huggabugg fund, well I got those today!! YIPEEEEE lots of lovely bugs ;0)

Then I got the ADORABLE Pollycrafts stamp. OMG these images are to die for.... beautiful! They are out now and I cant wait to have a good play with these... and keep your eyes open for these in Quick Cards Made Easy AND Cardmaking and Papercraft too as I have got a few things lined up with them soon ;0)

I also, last but by no means least, some adorable Magnolia Love Collection from www.sirstampalot.co.uk and I cant wait to ink those up too.

So if I am not back soon you know why, I am playing with all my lovely goodies ;0)

Seems as well as rubber lovers I have twitchers too and you all guessed the bird was a Thrush and I intially thought that too so I think we must all be right. Been racking my brains all afternoon for a name for my new birdie.. He seems to be looking after a certain berry bush in our garden and this is about right for a thrush as I was wikapediaing about them yesterday. The are very teritorial over things like this.

I am currently uploading a punch tutorial to you tube, taking forever and I need to rough edit before I upload. I have another coming but it will have to wait until tomorrow as its taking too long.


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