Friday, March 13

BAH! 13th Unlucky? - LUCKY 13!

Well today I am starting a new "thing" and on the 13th of each month I will choose a comment that has grabbed my attention for some reason and I will send that commentor a small prize.

This month I have chosen MrsWonka to receive some stamped images of the Leanne Ellis stamps that she said she wasnt sure about but since seeing my card loved. Awww thanks.... that made me feel all happy!

So you go to be in it to win it... all comments from now until 13th April are up for a chance of winning a little something.

So although the 13th may be bad for some, for one lucky commentor it wont!


Mrs Wonka said...

ahhhhhhh thanks Caz, Friday the 13th has always been lucky for me as I was born on Friday the 13th!

SallyB said...

What a fab idea. That will keep us all on our toes!
Thinking now of some terribly wonderful and witty comment to stand out from the rest......still thinking.......still thinking.....I'll come back later xxxxxx


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